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We are finalists for the 2nd EURO Award - Innovation in Health!

Our initiative was selected as a finalist for the 2nd Euro Award, in the category Innovation in Therapies.

The result of a partnership between USP, HC-FMUSP and ImunoTera, the initiative enabled advances in the development and clinical translation of a therapeutic vaccine against diseases caused by HPV. In addition to activating the immune system, the product has demonstrated the ability to regress neoplasms, eliminate HPV and improve quality of life in most patients treated in the study. Because this is a platform, this strategy can be adapted to other chronic and infectious diseases.

Of the 850 initiatives initially registered, 60 are in the final stage of the competition!

In this Award phase, the evaluation will be made by an open jury, by means of online voting, in which doctors who have active registrations in any of the 16 Latin American countries in which Eurofarma operates will vote for their preferred projects. The three initiatives with the highest number of votes in each category will be the winners.

There will be 11 prizes worth € 50,000.00 (fifty thousand euros), plus a single prize, to the grand winner, worth € 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand euros). Eurofarma is the official sponsor of the award and supports entrepreneurship, especially innovations that directly impact health care.

Voting is simple! Go here:

2. Search the search field for: "imunotera"

3. Select the initiative: Immunotherapy to control cervical cancer and other diseases associated with HPV, in the category Innovation in Therapies, under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Edmund Chada Baracat (HC-FMUSP)

4. Follow the instructions, entering your email and medical registration data (CRM) wait for confirmation of the vote.

Every vote counts!

We thank you for your participation.

ImunoTera Team

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